One of the program goals is to encourage and support participants pursuing higher education or vocational trade as well as gaining quality work experience. 

Therefore, it is recommended that participants obtain and maintain at a passing grade level with an accredited high school or GED program or for the older youths in a higher educational or vocational program.

​​Caregivers Youth and Transitional Living Services Child Placement Agency

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After Hour Emergencies

Money Management and Consumer Awareness

Access to Social Services

Food Management and Housekeeping

Health and Personal Hygiene

Education/Vocational Training

Job Seeking and Employment Etiquette

Transportation Resources

Community Resources

Emergency and Personal Safety Skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Legal Issues

Housing Issues

What We Provide

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The program goals

We Provide


Support Networking

Obtaining Child Care

Career Planning

Banking and Credit

Social Relationships

Weekly Therapy Sessions

Work and Study Skills

Life Skills Daily Training

Individual Assessments of Their Developmental Needs

Online PAL Training

Scheduled Circle of Support Meetings

Utilize “Plan Monitor “to Assure Youth Stays on Target with 
Individual Service Plan